We Don't Rent Pigs1 (or Sell Advertising)

Paid Advertising

No advertising accepted on godandscience.orgFrom time to time GodAndScience.org gets requests to host paid ads. The philosophy of the ministry is to be as truthful and unbiased as possible in all areas. For this reason, we don't accept any paid advertising. We do promote certain resources and webmaster tools, which we have personally found to be useful and productive. We suggest that you try Google advertising. It's cheap, you get lots of impressions, and only pay for click-throughs.

Website sale

The website Evidence for God from Science is also not for sale, so don't ask (Yes, some guy from Slovakia wanted to buy it).

Godandscience.org is not for sale!

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  1. The line comes from Lonesome Dove. Why would somebody want to rent pigs? We're not sure. However, it might be rather difficult to dissuade somebody intent on renting them!

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