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I have made hundreds of changes to the site as a result of visitor feedback, so your sincere feedback is much appreciated. However, Evidence for God from Science has become very popular and I am now receiving more e-mails than I can handle. There are over 1000 pages on the site, so it is possible that your question is already answered. Please do a site search first:

If you have a specific correction or suggestion for a specific page, please go back to that page (use your browser's back button) and click on the link at the lower left navigation pane called "Report page errors". This way, we will know exactly what page your are referring to and can address the issue(s) more easily. If you want to help us make corrections to pages on a regular basis, please go to the volunteers page.

It is possible and maybe likely that your e-mail will be answered by a ministry volunteer, since I am able to answer only about half of the e-mails received. You may contact one of the volunteers directly and probably receive a more timely response.

Here are some tips to make sure your e-mail gets answered:

  1. Please enter a valid e-mail address. Your e-mail will go into BoxTrapper until you reply to the auto-responder (within 2 weeks). We are sorry to have implemented this, but it gets rid of the spammers.
  2. Try to restrict your e-mail to one or two topics. If you give me 20 questions, your e-mail will be put in the "to do" pile. Some e-mails have been in the "to do" pile for over a year.
  3. Be specific. Don't just tell me you don't like something or disagree with some statement on a page. Cite evidence (e.g., scripture or scientific articles) to support your viewpoint. Include a quote if possible. Many people have made suggestions for corrections that I have agreed with and implemented (yes, even from atheists, Mormons and young earth creationists!). I would rather be told about errors and correct them than let them remain on the site.
  4. Don't tells us there is no evidence God exists. Since we wrote the site, we know that there are hundreds of pages of evidence. If you can't be bothered to read some of them, why should we respond to your email?
  5. If you just want to tell us we are stupid or ignorant, don't bother. We will just assume that you are unable to make intelligent comments and so have resorted to name calling. Sadly, about half of all correspondence from atheists fall into this category. You wouldn't want to contribute to our negative impression of the intelligence of our non-believing visitors.
  6. Contact the author of the article first. We don't necessarily agree with everything that has been written by every author on every page. So, go back to the article to contact the author directly. If no author is listed or you ended up here by clicking the author link, contact Rich Deem.

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