Christian Theology and Doctrine

Basic Christian Concepts

TrinityThe Godhead (Triunity or Trinity)

Becoming right with God

The Love of God

Heaven and Hell - real places?

End of Days Prophecies, Rapture, and Christian Tribulation

Four Views on Divine ProvidenceCalvinism vs. Arminianism

The Indestructible Book DVD Set

Discovery Bible Study Course (basic Christian theology)
Lesson # l: "What is the Bible?"
Lesson # 2: "How to Know the Bible"
Lesson # 3: "Who is Jesus Christ?"
Lesson # 4: "The Work of Christ"
Lesson # 5: "The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit"
Lesson # 6: "The Attributes of God"
Lesson # 7: "Answered Prayer"
Lesson # 8: "Confession and Forgiveness"
Lesson # 9: "The Christian Walk" (Part 1: Principles of Position)
Lesson #10: "The Christian Walk" (Part 2: The Christian Walk Described)
Lesson #11: "The Church and Ministry"

Resources for Bible Study


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