It Isn't Fair That God Judges People Who are Born Into Buddhist, Hindu or Other Non-Christian Homes
by Rich Deem


Why should people of other religions be sent to Hell because they happened to be born into a non-Christian home? On the surface, it seems a valid criticism of Christianity that it would be unfair of God to judge those born into other religions on the basis of their acceptance of Christianity. However, the criticism fails on more than one level.

The Christian God is not fair

The first assumption - that the Christian God is fair - is false! Wait a minute - a Christian admitting that the Christian God is unfair! Yes, you can quote me on it as long as you quote the rest of this paragraph. God created human beings with conscience that 1) tells them when they do wrong and 2) tells them that God exists. When we violate our conscience (something that all human beings have done), we know that we have sinned. Those of you who have never sinned can stop reading now and click here. Christianity says that all have sinned1 and, therefore, fall under the judgment of God.2 In order to be fair, God must judge all sin.3 Therefore, in order to be fair, God should condemn all people to hell.4 However, the Christian God is not fair, since He chooses to save those who accept His mercy.5 Those who want to experience the fairness of God will receive just that - God will judge them fairly.

For the rest of us, who prefer mercy to fairness, God will save us, whether we be Hindus, Buddhists or whatever.6 Those who haven't heard the gospel will be judged on the basis of the information they were given and how they responded to it.7 It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out whether or not you are doing what your conscience tells you to do.

Do you really want direct proof of God's existence?

Believe it or not, things could be much worse and "unfair" had you been created as an angel instead of a human. Atheists often complain that the evidence is insufficient to believe in God and would have preferred to be in a creation where they could see God directly. This sounds good on the surface, but God's judgment on those who have direct evidence of His existence is significantly more severe. The angels, who have seen God directly, have no latitude regarding sin. In other words, all angels who have sinned - even one time - have already been cast out of the presence of God and will be thrown into hell at the judgment.8 Personally, I am glad that I am a human, and have not seen God directly yet.

Those who are born to non-Christians homes are at an unfair disadvantage

The second incorrect assumption is that those who are not raised in Christian homes would be disadvantaged. People, especially atheists, assume that I was raised in a Christian home. The fact is that I was raised in an agnostic home - so I am one of those who has been treated "unfairly" by God! I never heard the gospel until my 30's, but I knew before I heard that I wasn't doing God's will. Those who respond to their conscience will be led to the truth. Those who want to justify their unbelief will be judged according to "fairness."

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to His great mercy has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead (1 Peter 1:3)

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