Book Review: Rise of the Time Lords: A Geek’s Guide to Christianity
by Rich Deem

Book Review

Synopsis: Christian theology translated in Geek
Summary: Rise of the Time Lords is a clever examination of Christian theology using principles and examples from the worlds of engineering, science, and science fiction. It is highly recommended for Geeks and friends of Geeks who want to enhance their understanding of Christian doctrines while having fun doing so.

Rating: 5 Star Rating: Recommended
the Time Lords: A Geek’s Guide to Christianity


I am a Geek. Mostly, I am a computer Geek, having been so since the time that personal computers were first invented, several decades ago. I am also a science nerd, since I work full-time in a medical science research lab. Until recently, it was not possible to meld my geekiness with my Christian faith. However, the Time Lords have come to rescue me.

Rise of the Time Lords: A Geek’s Guide to Christianity is a new book, written by Michael Belote, a self-described Geek who has always wanted to find a way to satisfy his science fiction/engineering Geek side with his Christianity. What he found in Christian bookstores were either interesting books with really bad theology or really boring books with really good theology. So Belote wrote his own book, which is best described as science fiction/engineering analogies for Christian theological principles. One can see how this could have gone really badly. However, Belote does an amazing job keeping the analogies relevant with a completely orthodox view of Christian theology. Even though Belote is a Geek, he is also a theologian who has obviously studied Christian theology extensively. Not only does he give the standard Christian doctrines, but he includes alternative interpretations by various denominations for doctrines that aren't universally agreed upon.

I don't want to say much more, since to do so would give away a lot of the fun. However, I will leave you with a few enticing questions to ponder:

  1. What does Calculus III, and a Pringles can have to do with God's nature?
  2. Why is Michael Belote a "horse is a sphere" kind of guy?
  3. How do you overcome "spiritual entropy"?
  4. What is "spiritual gravity"?
  5. How is mankind like Schrodinger’s Cat?
  6. What do Jesus and a wind turbine blade have in common?
  7. Why would Star Wars make a good introduction to a chapter on hell?
  8. Why is this book called "Rise of the Time Lords"? Who are these "time lords"?

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Yes, Rise of the Time Lords is very Geeky, although it is not overly technical. Even if you are not a Geek, you probably know a few Geeks. So, get it for your Geek husband or friend. Even a skeptical Geek friend would probably enjoy it immensely. If you do give a copy to your skeptical friend, please write me to let me know their reaction. I suspect it would be a fairly good way to do some non-threatening witnessing.

Book details:
the Time Lords: A Geek’s Guide to ChristianityRise of the Time Lords: A Geek’s Guide to Christianity (Kindle)
Pages: 183
Publisher: RebootChristianity
Date published: September 14, 2012
Language: English
ISBN-13: 9781300020226
Paperback edition (Lulu)

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