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Celebrating 15 years onlineGodAndScience.org began for me (Richard Deem) while I began serving as a volunteer apologist for Reasons To Believe in 1994. At the time, Reasons was receiving dozens to hundreds of letters every month that needed to be answered. The "easy" letters were answered by the staff, usually by including one of the ministry's short papers along with a form letter. However, there were always the harder questions, most of which required at least some research to answer. As a part of the group of 40-60 volunteers, I answered 3-4 letters/week. Initially, the number of letters answered was much less, since every letter required research and study (both biblical and scientific). Eventually, I wrote quite a number of long papers on various topics related to theology and science. I kept up with the current scientific literature and kept adding to the body of evidence for each paper. As a relatively new Christian (since 1988, see my testimony page), serving with Reasons To Believe forced me to examine Christianity in detail and study the Bible in depth to answer the questions of both skeptics and believers. The learning experience with Reasons To Believe was the basis for much of the information incorporated into this site.


The website Evidence for God from Science was begun in early 1997 as a personal homepage at Geocities (now defunct). The main site continued to grow, and in 1999, the domain "GodAndScience.org" was purchased and the domain name was forwarded to a personal ISP homepage. In early 2000, the website ran out of its 20 MB of server space and was moved to a hosting server. As of 2012, the site is over 2 GB with 1300+ pages and thousands of images. It now receives over 300,000 visitors each month and answers dozens of e-mails.


The mission of Evidence for God from Science is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and to encourage skeptics to examine the truth claims of Christianity. Having once been a skeptic myself, I understand that most skeptics assume Christianity is false before making a serious attempt to examine the evidence. Therefore, our goal is to present the scientific and biblical evidence that supports a rational belief in the existence and love of God.

Ministry Volunteers

The ministry is blessed to have several volunteers who are now helping. They are much appreciated:

Name Position Expertise Other Experience
Joseph Martinetti Correspondent Science questions M.S., geological sciences
Scott Brisbane Web Support
Web development
Discussion Forum
Web Hosting
Mario A. Olcese Spanish Translator Evangelism to Spanish speakers El Evangelio del Reino

Interesting facts

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Although most visitors to the website live in the United States (~70%), four of the top ten cities are not in the U.S. Three Australian cities are within the top 20. The website is very popular in the Philippines (#4, overall, behind UK and Canada). The most popular pages are:

  1. The Real 2012 Prophecy: Mayans, Nostradamus, and Planet X, Oh My!
  2. The Medical 'Benefits' of Smoking Marijuana: a Review of the Current Scientific Literature
  3. Famous Scientists Who Believed in God
  4. What Will Heaven be Like?
  5. What is Love as Defined by the Bible?
  6. Genetics and Homosexuality: Are People Born Gay?
  7. If God Created Everything, Who Created God?
  8. Prophecies of Jesus Christ as Messiah
  9. Is It Okay for Christians to Use Marijuana and Other Drugs?
  10. History of the Bible: How The Bible Came To Us
  11. Did Albert Einstein Believe in a Personal God?
  12. General Introduction for Non-Believers: Part 1, Are Your Beliefs Consistent with Your Worldview?
  13. Who Is Satan?: What Does the Bible Say About the Devil?
  14. Is God Real? Does Science Answer "Is There a God?"
  15. Differences between Jehovah's Witnesses and Christianity

Needs of the ministry

GodAndScience.org is a "tent-making" ministry, since its primary minister is employed full time in medical research. The modest costs of the ministry (web hosting, domain registration, etc.) are partly covered through the sale of books. Therefore, the ministry has no financial needs at this time. However, the ministry is always in need of prayer, since the time demands of employment, family, and volunteer activity limit the amount of time spent in ministry. I am "blessed" to live over one hour from my work, since there is a vanpool that allows me to work on the site and e-mails 10-15 hours/week. However, the volume of e-mail is getting beyond the point of part-time ministry, and I am looking for ministry partners to help answer e-mails. In addition, it would be nice to have ministry partners willing to examine the pages for errors. Every time I edit a page, I am appalled by the number of errors in English. Of course, if you see any errors in content, we want to correct those also. For the last few years, we have been translating pages into Spanish, so we would be interested in getting more help with that. See the help wanted page for more information. All positions are part-time and unpaid.

Prayer Needs


Thank you for your prayers!

Rich Deem

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