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Help Wanted

GodAndScience.org is in need of volunteer ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ who are willing to devote 1-5 hours/week. Both positions are unpaid at this time, although I have heard that the retirement benefits* are quite good. If you have other talents that you feel might benefit the ministry, please send e-mail to Rich Deem so that we can discuss them.

General Requirements


Position 1: E-mail Correspondent

The e-mail correspondent answers e-mails directed to the ministry. Most of these e-mails are seeking information about topics of theology and/or science. Many of the questions are actually answered on the site, so summaries can be provided and the person can be referred to the page(s) that more completely answer the question. If the correspondent does not feel qualified to answer the question, it may be returned to me. The correspondent may choose to answer purely theological questions, science questions, or both. The correspondent  may choose to answer questions directed to a single or multiple departments of GodAndScience.org (i.e., apologetics, doctrine, etc.)

If interested, fill out the Application for Volunteer Ministry.

Position 2: Page editor

The page editor examines specific pages on the site and submits an error report, suggesting changes for specific errors. If you are an expert in any specific field of study covered on this site, you are encouraged to examine that content for errors.

Position 3: Spanish translator

Because several hundred million people throughout the world speak the Spanish language, we are interested in translating pages into that language. Jesus is the Lord of all peoples and tongues and desires to draw all to Him.

If interested, fill out the Application for Volunteer Ministry

*i.e., heaven

Last Modified February 3, 2006


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