God: Invented in the Image of Mankind?
by Rich Deem


Inventing God?

Most skeptics believe that the Christian God looks like the old man in the picture Michelangelo created for the Sistine Chapel. Yes, this image of God was created through a person's imagination. However, the Bible says that God looks nothing like this image, but is, in fact invisible and cannot be contained within the entire universe. Obviously, it would have been difficult to depict such a God, so Michelangelo decided that old men were much easier to draw.

Rich Deem

Atheists commonly claim that humans invented God to satisfy some of his fear of death, therefore, wishing God into existence. According to the theory, man realized his limitations and fears and projected an image of God to calm these fears. In short, God is what man wishes to be - a kind of super-man. This model matches the gods of the pagan religions quite well, and possibly explains the origins of these religions. For example, in nearly all pagan religions, the gods look like the people - Ethiopian gods were dark-skinned whereas Greek gods tended to be white. So, aren't all gods just inventions of the people who claim them?

The Judeo-Christian God

In contrast to the pagan gods, the God of Judaism and Christianity does not look like the Hebrews. In fact, He is described as being invisible to us1 and not some image that humans can imagine.2 Accordingly, we can only see Him in His glory when we die and are transformed into spiritual beings.3 The Hebrews were commanded not to make an image of their God.4 The New Testament specifically says that God does not look like a man.5


However, if people were to have invented the God of Christianity, it is unlikely that it would be the demanding God of the Bible. The God of the Bible is described as holy6 - without sin and without the ability to commit sin.7 The holiness of God is described as being above anything that humans can attain, such that no human can stand before Him as holy.8 Behaving more morally upright than most other people is not sufficient to escape the punishment of the God of the Bible.9


Beyond the Cosmos: What Recent Discoveries in Astrophysics Reveal about the Glory and Love of GodIn nearly all religions, salvation is attained through human effort. Only in Christianity does salvation come solely as a gift from God10 - it cannot be earned through human effort.11 Clearly, in doctrines such as the nature of God and the way of salvation, there is very little common ground between Christianity and the religions of the world.

Transcendent God

The God of Christianity also differs from the gods of the world's religions in terms of His nature and existence. Most of the religions of the world describe their god as existing within the universe. In many cases, these gods even have parents. Both of these attributes are logically inconsistent with the reality of our universe. Only a God who is transcendent to both space and time, like the God of the Bible, is logically possible.

God vs. mankind

The God of the Bible is quite unlike humans. Therefore, the idea that humans "created" God is unlikely. A comparison between God and mankind is shown in the table below:

A Comparison Between God and Humans
Characteristic God Humans
Power Omnipotent7 Very Limited
Knowledge Omniscent8 Limited
Presence in Universe Omnipresent9 Restricted to Solar System
Form Extradimensional10 3 Dimensions
Size Larger than Universe11 ~6 ft
Composition Spirit (no body)12 Body of Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Nitrogen
Lifespan Eternal13 ~120 years
Morality Absolutely Holy14 Sinners

Dios: ¿Inventado en la Imagen del Género humano?

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